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Who are we and what is our philosophy?

We are an award winning gourmet food store in Philadelphia city center. In 2019 we were finalist in the 'Fresh Food Fight' competition organized by the Reading Terminal Market, and became a new merchant in the market. But our story starts much sooner, when we arrived to Philadelphia a decade ago. Philadelphia's foodie culture has always been rich and diverse, but one element we missed was a

strong presence of the cuisine from Spain. With the exception of some good Spanish restaurants in town, where you can have a tapa of Ibérico with a good Rioja, it is difficult to find a single place that combines the end product of food cooked in the ways of the Spaniards with the possibility of 

buying the raw materials to produce those magical dishes. A Taste of Spain aims at, not only bring to Philadelphians the best food products from Spain, but also how we use them to prepare our delicious dishes; and in doing so, show to the great public of Philadelphia our culture and traditions. 

Our Name, our Logo... our identity

Our logo is made of three simple components:

  • A circle, representing the shape of the iconic Spanish tortilla.

  • Within the circle, a bull's head. Acclaimed as the unofficial icon of Spain.

  • The wheat, which once milled and mixed with water and salt, are the only three ingredients of the bread we use for our tapas. All natural and healthy bread, like the rest of our products and ingredients.

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