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Make your event unforgettable with our authentic Spanish cuisine.

At A Taste of Spain, we’re committed to bringing the true flavors of Spanish cuisine to the city of Philadelphia and its surroundings. We offer an exclusive catering service for events where we want our clients to feel transported to Spain. Our team of experienced chefs, passionate about Spanish food, is ready to prepare a wide variety of authentic dishes that will leave your guests with an unforgettable taste.

Whether it’s a private dinner or a big event, our company can customize and adapt the menu to meet the needs and tastes of each client. Additionally, our catering services can be adjusted to fit any budget, so everyone can enjoy our delicious cuisine.

We also offer Spanish cooking classes for corporate events, where our chefs will share their knowledge and culinary skills with participants. These classes are a unique and exciting way to encourage teamwork and strengthen relationships among colleagues.

At A Taste of Spain, we’re committed to providing an authentic and unique gastronomic experience for our clients. Contact us today to organize your next catering event or Spanish cooking class. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

A top view shot of a fresh tasty Spanish omelette and the ingredients, a traditional dish from Spain
A Taste of Spain’s mission is to provide a unique and authentic culinary experience for clients through exclusive catering services and Spanish cooking classes. Our goal is to transport clients to the vibrant and flavorful culture of Spain by creating customized menus and utilizing fresh, authentic ingredients.
Assortment of spanish tapas or italian antipasti